How to Learn French Fast and Easily

Picture the scene - an English couple honeymooning in Paris. After a romantic stroll along the Seine, they set their sites on a picturesque cafe for a little light refreshment.

The proud young man gallantly offers his bride a seat and, as he settles beside her, he catches the eye of the waiter and prepares in his mind for an exchange of words in this foreign tongue.

The waiter approaches, and the young man takes one last deep breath before...

a) ...he and his wife confidently engage in some light pleasantries with the waiter in fluid French, and then politely request the menu, or...

b) ...he nervously blurts out the only three words he remembers from school: "Parlez vous anglais?" as the waiter smiles, with a rather superior aire, and engages his new customers in perfect English, or even worse...

c) ...he reluctantly gestures to his pretty young bride for her to handle the situation, and then watches on as the young waiter exchanges smooth words and smiles with her, as if she were sitting all alone.

Maybe you've been there - and now you're determined to change things.

You're fed up with thumbing rapidly through phrasebooks...

...or asking carefully rehearsed questions - only to find the responses incomprehensible...

...or making wild gestures; and sketchy drawings on the back of paper napkins.

You're ready to do something about this. You're ready to...

Learn French Fast

And you're in just the right place. Welcome, my name's Genevieve and I'm here to help you.

No matter what previous experience or difficulties you've had, no matter how young or old you are, and no matter how fast or steadily you want to learn, I'd love to help you.

Here in my site you'll find some of what I can do for you, including:

I'll help you identify the way that you learn best and help you immerse in the language and soak it up easily. All with no more effort on your part than you're prepared to make.

Take a look around my site and then get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

If you're just looking for online resources, then check these out. Most are free and there's a few others that people have recommended to me.

Au revoir - Goodbye for now.